$799.00 for now and Free Trial for the first 1 month Then $69.00 every month

$799 for a killnet device and $69 a monthly for subscription.



Hackers are attacking Busineses.

Hackers are attacking Small Businesses. Small Businesses are an easy target. With your password and banking information, hackers can and will max out your plastic cards, debit your bank accounts, buy goods for delivery to their place, read your emails and blackmail you, corrupt your system and demand a ransom and otherwise make life uncomfortable for you. And they will get all your customers information and hack them as well! There are businesses failing every day because they have been hacked.

KillNet Switch is cybersecurity hardware that functions independently from your devices or routers. Our revolutionary discovery enabled the product to function throughout the wire – literally. Once you have the hardware, you’ll be safe from every cyber threat that you can think of. KillNet Switch is 100% safe to use, and it guarantees your cyber safety 24/7.

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