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The internet can be a dangerous place, but KillNet Switch can help you stay safe.

Killnet Protect ransomware attacks

How to Control Internet Access at home and Protect Against Hackers

In today’s digital world, safeguarding your home and family from hackers is crucial. With Killnet Switch, learn how to control internet access at home effortlessly. Set strong passwords, implement parental controls, and fortify your defenses against cyber threats. Keep your devices updated and secure with our advanced firewall and antivirus protection. Practice safe browsing habits and monitor network activity for added peace of mind. With Killnet Switch, enjoy the benefits of technology without worrying about intrusion. Protect what matters most – your home and family – with Killnet Switch.

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Ensuring your children’s online safety is crucial in today’s digital age. Learning how to control internet access at home allows parents to set boundaries and monitor usage, ensuring kids are protected from inappropriate content and potential cyber threats. By implementing effective parental control devices and security measures, you can create a safer online environment, giving you peace of mind while your children explore the internet.

So parents can control their children’s access to the Net


No WIFI – Internet at meal times!

Scan Timer, Net Chores, Parental Controls

No WIFI – Internet late at night!

Scan Timer, Net Chores, Parental Controls

No WIFI – Internet until the chores are all done

Scan Timer, Net Chores, Parental Controls


A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe Online

Download our free guide, “RAISING DIGITAL CITIZEN: A Parent’s Guide To Keeping Kids Safe Online.” Learn how to control internet access at home and protect your children from cyber threats.