Keeping kids safe online is a top priority for parents. Statistics show that cyberbullying, exposure to pornography, and other risks are increasing at an alarming rate among young people.

Even more concerning, as of 2018, the average age that children get their first smartphone is 10 years old. In response to these statistics and factors, many parents are installing software on their kids’ devices to monitor and control usage.

Unmonitored Internet usage can pose serious threats to your child’s safety, security, and mental well-being. A kid-friendly device with preinstalled parental controls. It is an excellent way to reduce risk and protect your child from potential dangers online.

With so many options available for this kind of system set up in your home or office computer network, it can be challenging knowing which is best suited for your specific needs; Especially if you don’t have prior knowledge of networking principles or IT infrastructure.

This article covers what you need to know about the KillNet Switch: a system that helps monitor and control children’s internet activities while also keeping adults aware of potential risks when using the internet in general.


What is the KillNet Switch?

A KillNet Switch is a network device that is installed on a single computer in a networked environment. A KillNet Switch works by monitoring all Internet traffic on the computer it is installed on, so it can see all Internet communications occurring between the computer and remote servers. The KillNet Switch can be configured to block or allow certain traffic. The switch can also be configured to send any blocked communications to a web service, such as a managed firewall, that allows parents to view the blocked communications and decide whether the traffic should be blocked.

How Does the KillNet Switch Help Monitor and Control Kids’ Internet Activities?

A KillNet Switch helps monitor and control kids’ internet activities in the following ways: – Blocking Internet content: The switch can be configured to block certain Internet content, such as gambling websites, pornography, or bullying forums. – Capturing Internet metadata:

The switch can be configured to capture certain types of metadata from Internet communications; such as the date, time, and duration of the communication, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the communication’s remote server, and the amount of data communicated by the communication.

Capturing a copy of communications:

The switch can be configured to capture a copy of selected Internet communications and store the communication’s communication metadata in a local database. Communications can be captured with a network traffic monitor.

Why a Networked Computer Is Important for Parental Control

The KillNet Switch helps monitor and control kids’ internet activities. It can also help parents protect themselves from online fraud, identity theft, and other online threats.

The key difference between the way a switch is used to monitor and control kids’ internet activities versus a switch used to protect adults is; the settings that determine what is allowed versus blocked are different.

This is because a switch can be configured to block certain kinds of communications for adults and kids. Captured communication metadata is helpful for adults as well, but for a different set of purposes.

The Dangers of Unmonitored Internet Usage for Children

Preinstalled parental controls are a good way to block unwanted content, but they aren’t enough to completely protect kids. Kids often try to bypass parental controls. To do so they use a device that isn’t networked or isn’t configured with any parental controls enabled. Unmonitored internet usage is a hazard for every child, not just those who are trying to bypass parental controls. The average child spends about 9 hours a day interacting with media – with most of this being digital. Kids have instant access to social media, dangerous websites, and strangers. A KillNet Switch can help protect your child from these dangers.

Final Words: The Importance of Installing a KillNet Switch in Your Child’s Networked Device

The KillNet Switch is a network device that is installed on a single computer in a networked environment. It helps parents monitor and control kids’ internet activities.

It also blocks or allows certain internet content, capturing certain types of internet metadata, and capturing a copy of selected internet communications.

KillNet Switches are available for purchase online and are often included with managed firewall services. Installing a switch in your child’s networked device is an excellent way to help ensure their safety online. It also protects them from potential dangers.

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