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Killnet FAQ: The internet can be a dangerous place, but KillNet Switch can help you stay safe. With features like scanning for vulnerabilities, child locks, and securing your internet access, the KillNet Switch is the first hardware device for complete home network security, protecting your devices from cyber-attacks at all times!

In response to the huge increase in hacking, ransomware demands, and information theft, KillNet Ltd has developed a revolutionary tool to protect computers and computer systems from being attacked by criminal forces. The name of the tool is the Kill Net Switch.

KillNet ‘cuts the wire’ between the computer and the internet (and joins it back up when you want to connect again)

KillNet is the first hardware device that protects all of your devices from hackers and attackers using our patented technology.

H+ Time – KillNet allows you to control internet access, especially if you have children who access the internet, You will be able to lock the internet usage after certain hours or even before your children have finished their chores.

Time has  3 modes 1hr 2hr 3hr.

H- Switch – KillNet H- ensures you are disconnected now, and then reconnected in 2/4/8 hours

Yes we provide for commercial use at any range you need.

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