You and your data 100% safe from spies, hackers and ransomware

The KILL NET SWITCH ‘cuts the wire’ between the computer and the internet (and joins it back up, when you want to connect again).

Kill Net People

Stan Lieder and Kerry Farmer have been doing business together for many years.  Stan is the ideas man – the techo and innovator.  Kerry is the marketer, documentation and contracts expert.  Both men have long experience in the Computer Industry.  Stan is from Christchurch, New Zealand which was destroyed by earthquake in 2011. 

Almost all the CBD had to be re-built – a huge task.  Stan, through his company Kore Projects Ltd, designed Internationally renowned systems so that Construction Managers could have access to information and send in reports from the building site.  Kerry has an international marketing consultancy called Dynamic Intelligence Ltd, with over 900 customers in 50 countries.

One day recently, the company which provides Stan’s company with payroll services got hacked and ransom was demanded.  Stan and his people were highly inconvenienced, to say the least! 

Stan and Kerry were talking about it and one of them said ‘makes you want to cut the wire’.  And they both laughed.  But ‘cutting the wire’ is a great idea and soon imaginative minds were thinking fast.  And Kill Net was born.

The first purpose of the KillNet Switch

The second purpose of the KillNet Switch

No WIFI at meal times!

No WIFI late at night!

No WIFI until the chores are all done

The Threats

  • We have always had hackers since the internet was invented
  • But 2021 has lead to a rise in professional and even nationally based hacking
  • China, North Korea and other countries are leading the way
  • Hackers will steal data, cripple the computer system and are even demanding ransom to restore the data that they have corrupted
  • Some ransom demands have been huge – many millions of dollars for the attacked organization – and some ransoms have been paid

The Design Breakthrough

  • The Kill Net Switch concept is revolutionary
  • Every other Internet protection function is based on software on the operational computers or routers
  • Such software is hackable – sometimes with difficulty, but always hackable
  • The Kill Net Switch is hardware– it ‘cuts the wire’ – so it is not hackable
  • But an even more important breakthrough is that the Kill Net Switch is ‘on the wire’ and is independent from the computer/router.  This is unique and a significant breakthrough.  No one else has thought of it.
  • This ‘on the wire’ solution is capable of huge future development for commercial, government and military uses

Kill Net knows that hackers have the code to shut down your system-based anti-virus software – and you will not even know that this happens.

This leaves your computer system totally open to hacking. But the Kill Net Switch – in operation on the wire and not in your computer system – stops such anti-virus shutdowns completely and instantly.

Your computer system is 100% safe from hacking.

Here are the graphics of a KillNet Switch. 
This is the basic model.  

More sophisticated models will have more displays and LED indicators.  

And there will be more onboard controls.

There is no software to install.  There is no software automatic installation process.  Your Kill Net Switch does not change anything in your computer.

Killnet Switch home network

More about the KillNet Switch

(Note:  Designs are still being finalized and the end product may look slightly different)

  • The KILL NET SWITCH is a very simple device  
  • The KILL NET SWITCH is about the size of a small external disk  
  • The KILL NET SWITCH has two plugs on it.  So, all internet communication is through the KILL NET SWITCH
  • The KILL NET SWITCH has two LEDS 
  • 🔴 red LED (= SAFE – not connected to the internet), and 
  • 🟢 green LED (= UNSAFE – connected to the internet)
  • The KILL NET SWITCH is very easy to install – almost anyone can install it.  You just plug it in and there is no further installation, actual or automatic.
  • The KILL NET SWITCH can operate on any operating system including Windows, Linux, MacOS etc
  • The KILL NET SWITCH does not change any software, or anything else, in your computer.
  • The KILL NET SWITCH can be turned on and off by a remote which is supplied with every KILL NET SWITCH.  You can be almost anywhere in the house when using the remote
  • The KILL NET SWITCH remote is battery powered
  • The KILL NET SWITCH can also be manually turned on and off with a button on the switch  
  • The KILL NET SWITCH plugs into the mains through a transformer which is international design and can be used in almost any country
  • The KILL NET SWITCH concept has patents pending in all the major countries

KillNet Switch costs

  • The retail price of the KILL NET SWITCH will be $US129 (to be finally confirmed) plus delivery costs
  • The manufacturing cost of the KILL NET SWITCH will be $US12 (to be finally confirmed) and will include the cable, remote switch, power supply, labelling, packaging etc
  • The cost of drop shipping has been costed at $3 a unit (to be finally confirmed)
  • The delivery costs will be charged and accounted for separately and do not appear in any analysis

Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution

  • A prototype KILL NET SWITCH has been manufactured and successfully trialed
  • We are currently field testing 6 KILL NET SWITCHES.  We are expecting to make a few final tweaks in the design.
  • Then, we will order 100,000 KILL NET SWITCHES from a Chinese factory in coming weeks.  That is $US12,900,000 worth of stock at retail prices
  • The Chinese factory will deliver also manage the dropshipping
  • We have an established agent in China – Chinese Connections Inc, who are based in Shanghai – and who will manage the China connection for us
  • We have contracted Cardell Media of the UK –   Cardell Media the biggest and one of the oldest Digital Media companies in the world.  They will advise us on web site design and implementation plus online advertising plus CRM and to provide marketing support on a monthly basis.   We are planning on spending at least $US500,000 on advertising. 
  • We are contracting Finman Services as our Public Accountants  –
  • The prime KILL NET SWITCH market will be online and website based.  We may consider direct sales to electronic retailers.
  • Our biggest initial market will be the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.  But we expect to eventually have worldwide demand for the KILL NET SWITCH.
  • The KILL NET SWITCH is an ideal development in our future Covid affected world
  • There is absolutely no competitive product to the KILL NET SWITCH

Our Company

Kill Net Ltd has been formally set up.  

The two initial directors/shareholders are all involved with the design and marketing concepts for the KILL NET SWITCH.  

The two initial Directors/Shareholders are: 

  • Stan Leider, Director of Kore Projects Ltd

  • Kerry Farmer BSc MNZCS, Director of Dynamic Intelligence ltd

Official company details are here.


We have reserved the names and

You can visit  This website will be changed to a marketing/selling website after the initial Venture Capital phase is completed.

Initial Costs

  • Prototype
  • 6 Field Trial Units
  • 20 Operational Units
  • Label Design
  • Marketing including website content
  • Company Setup and incorporation
  • Website URL’s
  • Promoting Concept

These processes are ongoing and already committed and paid for.

Total Initial Costs – $50,000

Investment Required

We are seeking any proposal by Venture Capitalists for full or partial funding of this investment.

Venture Capitalist Proposal

$130,000 Preliminary Setup Costs etc 

$30,000 Marketing Consultancy 

$440,000 Support Costs 

$500,000 12 months marketing 

$1,500,000 Manufacturing Costs


 $US 2,600,000 Total Investment Cost

Full detailed costs are available.

  • The initial field trial and 6 field trial killNet Switchs  have been fully paid for
  • The costs of the company setup and website name reservation have been fully paid for
  • We require an investment of $US2,600,000
  • We would expect to pay the investment back as 100% priority from the net profit of every sale ie the selling price less drop shipping (noting that the delivery cost is separate)

Independent Public Accounting

The finance control and reporting would be provided by an independent Public Accountant  – Finman Services.

Until the Venture Capitalist has been fully paid:

  • The Accountants would manage the bank account and would only make payments based on budgets except with the permission of the Venture Capitalist
  • The Venture Capitalist would have access to all the Accountants’ information including the bank balance at all times


Get in touch with us

  • We have developed the KILL NET SWITCH
  • The KILL NET SWITCH could and should be installed on almost every home computer and laptop in the world



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