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Cybersecurity Threats: What You Need To Know

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Cybersecurity | 0 comments

What Is A Cybersecurity Threat?

Cybersecurity threats are something most businesses and individuals face from hackers. With the wide web available in our hands, cybercrimes and cyberattacks are now a fact of life. Cybercriminals develop malware to attack your system and steal information, harass you or put you in harms way using viruses.

Accessing the internet for just about anything is a privilege and sometimes a saving grace. The internet has its advantages as well as disadvantages for allowing anyone accesses to it. While we are given access to Google, Bing, Internet Explorer and many more, it doesn’t include the protection against malicious cyber attacks from criminals.

Time allows the world to evolve and adapt, the same happens to the internet. Hackers learn to adapt to firewalls and software programs unearthing loopholes and backdoors to your private and confidential information. These hackers will undoubtedly use that information to either ruin your finances or demand ransom to keep your information safe.

Therefore, IT engineers have worked tirelessly together to procreate cybersecurity programs that can help protect internet users today all over the world.

Cybersecurity is described as several layers of protection, much like an onion, and has the ability to keep all computers, networks, programs, and data safe. Protection against cyber-attacks is vitally important to keep society functioning normally.

Cyber attacks on individuals can lead to identity theft, extortion, or worse. Cyber attacks on public organizations could be detrimental to the lives of many civilians. It’s no illusion that Cybersecurity has become a staple among various macro and micro businesses because without it, it’s a dangerous risk not worth taking. A cyber attack on a single corporation could easily lead to its destruction.


Although there are a few different types of cyber threats, these are four recurring types of cyber threats that every internet user should be mindful of.

Threat #1

Phishing is the most common threat of all. These attacks are done by sending fraudulent emails to users disguised as trustworthy sources. Attackers will deviously compile the email to request confidential information from your bank.

Education and awareness avoids the Phishing and potential threats.

Threat #2

Ransomware is a tricky one. This is malicious software that is downloaded onto your device the moment you click on a malicious link or webpage. The software will allow the hacker access to block access to files on your device that you need until you meet their demands. Even then, meeting their demands does not guarantee that your system will return to its former state.

Threat #3

Malware works similarly to ransomware. It allows a hacker unauthorized access to confidential files. It also crawls the internet, searching for vulnerable browsers, consequently afterward secretly installing malware into your system. The malware will be used to monitor your activity on the device and share confidential information with the hacker.

Threat #4

Social Engineering threats psychologically manipulate users with desirable information or sensitive information that entices the user to participate. This threat is likely to encourage a user to click on links that are dangerous.


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