Cyberattacks – What to Do About Them

4 Cybersecurity Tips For Companies To Protect Themselves From Cyberattacks Cyberattacks have become a worldwide phenomenon. The number of breaches per day has no signs of slowing down, and they are becoming more sophisticated by the day. With organizations waking up to new cybersecurity threats, many organizations have taken steps to safeguard their data and systems against potential cyberattacks. However,

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Financial Crime

The Future of Financial Crime

Financial Crimes, Vandalism, Hacktivism, Corporate Espionage. There has been a sharp increase in financial crime and cyberattack activity in recent years, with ransomware becoming a particular problem. Hacking can have serious consequences for businesses, governments and individuals, resulting in the loss of data, money and even lives. It is therefore essential that everyone takes steps to protect themselves from these

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Killnet Switch System

The KillNet Switch: A System That Helps Parents Monitor and Control Kids’ Internet Activities

Keeping kids safe online is a top priority for parents. Statistics show that cyberbullying, exposure to pornography, and other risks are increasing at an alarming rate among young people. Even more concerning, as of 2018, the average age that children get their first smartphone is 10 years old. In response to these statistics and factors, many parents are installing software

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Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Threats: What You Need To Know

What Is A Cybersecurity Threat? Cybersecurity threats are something most businesses and individuals face from hackers. With the wide web available in our hands, cybercrimes and cyberattacks are now a fact of life. Cybercriminals develop malware to attack your system and steal information, harass you or put you in harms way using viruses. Accessing the internet for just about anything

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Parental Internet Control

Why Do We Need Parental Internet Control in the Digital Era?

  We live in an era of the digital world, and our children are exposed to the ideas of the internet and mobile phones from a very early age. But the internet is hardly a safe place, not in this day and age. Without proper authority and guidance, a child could come across content that is not appropriate for their

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