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About Us

Our small team has a world of experience and expertise in highly technical and creative arts. These are the people who will be working closely with you to achieve your goals.

In response to the huge increase in hacking, ransomware demands and information theft, KillNet Ltd has developed a revolutionary tool to protect computer and computer systems from being attacked by criminal forces. The name of the tool is the Kill Net Switch.

Stan Lieder and Kerry Farmer have been doing business together for many years. Stan is the ideas man – the techo and innovator. Kerry is the marketer, documentation, and contracts expert. Both men have long experience in the Computer Industry.

Stan is from Christchurch, New Zealand which was destroyed by earthquake in 2011. Almost all the Christchurch CBD had to be re-built – a huge task. Stan, through his company Kore Projects Ltd, designed Internationally renowned systems so that Construction Managers could have access to information and send in reports from the building site.

Kerry has an international marketing consultancy called Dynamic Intelligence Ltd, with over 900 customers in 50 countries.

One day recently, the company which provides Stan’s company with payroll services got hacked and ransom was demanded. Stan and his people were highly inconvenienced, to say the least!

Stan and Kerry were talking about it and one of them said ‘makes you want to cut the wire’. And they both laughed. But ‘cutting the wire’ is a great idea and soon imaginative minds were thinking fast. And KillNet was born.